Accessibility resources

Does South Ayrshire Council offer any help for the Blind?

Yes, under certain criteria we can help with Talking Books. Contact 01292 616261 for further information.

The MonoMouse is available from your local library.

The Sensory Team is part of the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and provide support to people who are Deaf and people who are affected by hearing and/or sight loss throughout South Ayrshire. Please click of the following for further information Sensory Impairment Help

Where can I get a key for the disabled toilets?

By applying to R.A.D.A.R tel. 020 7250 8191. Radar Keys give you access to all toilets for the disabled throughout the country. To order a RADAR Key online go to the National Key Scheme.

A list of public convenience facilities in South Ayrshire.

Disabled Go

South Ayrshire Council is committed to providing inclusive and accessible services to people in South Ayrshire and has worked in partnership with DisabledGo and local businesses to produce an Ayr town centre access guide for disabled people.

Visit the South Ayrshire Council Disabled Go website.

Wheelchair accessible Taxis designated for the purposes of section 165 of the Equality Act 2010

List correct as at 27th July 2017.