Delivering Good Governance

South Ayrshire Council is committed to the highest standards of governance in the way that it is organised, managed and operates. To help achieve and maintain such standards, it adopted the Delivering Good Governance Framework in April 2010.

This Framework sets out the main arrangements and procedures that the Council has in place in relation to the six 'principles' of governance, as set out in summary in the table below:

Principle Arrangements and procedures
1. Direction Plans; Performance Reporting; Review
2. Roles Structures; Delegation; Research
3. Values Values; Perceptions
4. Decision Making Reporting Decisions; Effective Information; Risk Management
5. Skills Competencies; Training; Development
6. Accountability Public Reporting; Consultation; Communication; Partnerships

Within the Framework document Delivering Good Governance Framework there is further detail as to what would be expected and what the Council actually has in place. This has been prepared to not only describe the arrangements and procedures, but also to allow officers, councillors and the public to access these arrangements through hyperlinks to published documents and reports.

The Framework is never static and over the course of each year it is subject to ongoing review and development. The principles are regularly reviewed by Council's Audit and Governance Panel and a year-end assessment is signed off by both the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council.