Engaging our communities

Our Annual Community Conference

Each year we hold an annual conference to enable members of our community and voluntary sector organisations to get together with our community planning partners and elected members.

The first conference was held in June 2008 with the second a year later in June 2009.

South Ayrshire Council is committed to providing capacity building support to our communities throughout South Ayrshire and have recently developed a programme of support which included assistance with consultations and community engagement, sourcing funding, how to promote and market your organisation, how to develop a social enterprise, committee skills and governance and management. For further information please contact Colette.mcgarva@south-ayrshire.gov.uk

South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership is committed to engaging with our communities in order to work effectively in partnership to deliver sustained improvements to our citizens and to understand the needs of our communities and involve them in setting priorities and shaping services.

Rural Ayrshire 21

The initiative is the result of collaborative working between the three Ayrshire Councils, securing funding from the European LEADER project to create Ayrshire 21.

Ayrshire 21 is a programme to encourage local action across rural Ayrshire. It is working with 21 communities to help them gear up for sustainable community development. The communities taking part include those that have missed out in the past.



South Ayrshire Community Action Plans