Tackling disadvantage

The Community Planning Partnership plays a major role in tackling some of the most significant inequalities in our society for example - long term health conditions, unemployment, low pay and homelessness and the subsequent poverty that can result. Often these circumstances lead to drug and alcohol addiction which can have further detrimental effects on people and families.

Community planning programme

Community Planning Partnerships were previously allocated special funds from the Scottish Government to improve opportunities for local people. These funds were known as the Community Regeneration Fund and latterly the Fairer Scotland Fund and were used to develop specialist and targeted services to help people in difficult circumstances to improve their quality of life.

The ring fencing was lifted from these funds and the allocation then came directly to the Council as part of the local government settlement to South Ayrshire Council. The Community Planning Board made recommendations for a number of years in relation to a ‘programme’ of services, referred to as ‘The Community Planning Programme’ which was in place to address 3 main objectives of Employability, Early Interventions, especially for children and families, and Community Engagement.

The Community Planning Programme has now been discontinued, with many services having being mainstreamed, integrated or commissioned but the main achievements can be viewed in the following documents.