Community Justice Ayrshire

Preventing and reducing re-offending

Beginnings, Belonging, Belief – A Community Justice Plan for Ayrshire 2017-18

Community Justice Ayrshire (CJA) is a new partnership which is focused on preventing and reducing re-offending. CJA is a pan Ayrshire partnership but local oversight for community justice will now be the responsibility of South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership.

We have published a Plan called ‘Beginnings, Belonging, Belief’ to help us do this. This Plan is for all those affected by crime. That includes people involved in offending, their families, victims, communities and those working in the justice system. We need everyone to work together to succeed.

This plan is known as a Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP) and is a statutory requirement of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016.

Here you will find:

We will review our progress and update our list of Commitments each year, so we will produce a new ‘Beginnings, Belonging, Belief’ Plan by April each year.

Community Justice Ayrshire brings together a wide range of partners working to prevent and reduce re-offending. It reports to the three Ayrshire Community Planning Partnerships.

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