South Ayrshire Council Tax spending

What the money is spent on

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The Council's net spending for 2018/19 is as follows:

Directorate 2018/19
Total Net Expenditure
Total spending 256.413
Chief Executive's Office 19.577
People 108.211
Place 43.675
Care (funding delegated to South Ayrshire Integrated Joint Board) 70.665
Transport Subsidies and Concessionary Fares 1.986
Miscellaneous services: Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board 0.697
Other services (1.225)
Capital charges 12.827

Financed by:

Total Net Expenditure
Government Grants 162.839
Non-Domestic Rates 38.299
Total Government support 201.138
Use of Surplus/Funds 1.510

This leaves the amount needed to be raised from Council Tax as £53.765 million.