Strategic Environmental Assessment

A number of transport related projects have been identified within the new Local Transport Strategy (LTS) that will, depending upon available funding, be implemented over the next five years.

Each of these projects has been assessed using a process called Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

SEA is a process that ensures that no significant environmental effects arise from any of the projects identified within the LTS. It also helps to support sustainable development and provides evidence for strategic decisions.

As part of the SEA, there is a mandatory process of consulting with a group of statutory consultees (SNH, SEPA, Historic Scotland, Health Scotland and the public). The purpose of consultation is to invite the public and consultation authorities to comment upon the issues raised in the SEA.

Environmental aspects addressed within the SEA include: air quality, climatic factors, human health, biodiversity, flora and fauna, population, landscape, noise and vibration, material assets, cultural heritage, soils, geology, land use, water and the combined overall effects of the above.