Local Transport Strategy



This Local Transport Strategy (LTS) sets out the transport policy position of the Council and the transport project programme up to 2014. It also identifies longer-term schemes beyond this date that we need to begin considering now with our partners in Transport Scotland and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. Delivering improvements to our transport network is a benefit to the whole community and we look forward to working with our various partners and with the people of South Ayrshire in delivering this strategy.

There are currently two versions of the LTS available: the full document and the summary document.

The full LTS analyses the problems, causes, constraints and opportunities on our transport network and sets out the policies and programmes to deal with these over the next 5 years. The LTS is part of a hierarchy of transport documents that includes the Regional and the National Transport Strategies which have been prepared by SPT and the Scottish Government respectively.

The LTS Summary document is a shortened, less technical, version of the full document and summarises the key points found in the full document.

Should you have any questions regarding anything detailed within the LTS, or the SEA, please submit them in writing to:

Manager of Roads and Transportation,
South Ayrshire Council,
Burns House,
Burns Statue Square,
Ayr. KA7 1UT

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