Housing stock

What Choices Can I Make?

Waiting List applicants can choose as many or as few house types, heating types and areas as they wish to put on their application. No suspensions will apply for amending these choices during the life of the application. The size of house that an applicant will be eligible for is outlined in the section on Council Housing.

South Ayrshire Council - Stock Turnover Report

In order to help you decide which size of property to ask for and which neighbourhoods you wish to apply to live in, we have produced a stock turnover report. This report shows the number of properties let in each neighbourhood between 01/04/2017 and 31/03/2020 and the total number of properties we own in each neighbourhood as at 06/05/2020. The full report consists of nine separate sheets as follows:

Applicants should note that by limiting their choices they are restricting the potential to receive offers of a suitable property.

Staff at the Area Housing Offices will be happy to advise applicants on any issues relating to choices made on their application.