Results - South Ayrshire Council Election 2007

South Ayrshire Council Election Results
Thursday 3 May 2007

Valid Votes 5811
Name Party Elected at stage number
Mairi LOW Scottish National Party (Save Ayr Hospital) 1
Brian Thomas CONNOLLY Independent 1
Ann GALBRAITH Scottish Conservative and Unionist 3
Sandra GOLDIE Scottish Labour Party Candidate 7
Ballot Papers rejected: Total
Want of unique identifying mark / official mark 0
On which the figure “1” standing alone indicating a 1st preference is set opposite the name of more than 1 candidate 39
Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 0
*Unmarked or void for uncertainty 74
Total ballot papers rejected 113

* Unmarked or void for uncertainty: Note – this will also include ballot papers rejected under Local Government Election Results in 43 (1) (b) of the Scottish Local Government (Election) Rules 2007.

Percentage Poll 53.12%

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