Taxi & Private Hire Consultation

South Ayrshire Council licences all taxi and private hire vehicles which operate in South Ayrshire.

As part of that the process, the Council has a specification which any vehicles hoping to be licensed must meet. From time to time the Council reviews that specification to take into account the changes in design and manufacture of vehicles.

The Council has now produced a draft specification which is available to download.

The Council now wishes to consult on this draft, not only with operators of licensed vehicles but also with the wider public who use them.

There are two additional matters on which the Council is seeking views :-

  1. Some vehicles are currently licensed to allow two passengers to sit in the front seat of a vehicle alongside the driver and the Council wishes views on whether or not this should be restricted to one passenger.
  2. Taxis (but not private hire cars) currently have a screen which separates the driver from the passengers in the rear of the taxi but should passengers also be permitted to sit alongside the driver.

One of the differences between a taxi and a private hire vehicle is that a taxi can be picked up at a rank or hailed in the street and in such cases the driver may not know who the passenger. The screen is there for the safety of the driver, as well as for privacy of the passengers. A private hire vehicle must always be pre-booked so the driver will always know the identity of the passenger and a record will be kept of pick up point and destination.

Please forward your views by email to or by post to Licensing, South Ayrshire Council, County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr KA7 1DR by 17th December 2018.