Eligibility for Social Care Services

We are consulting with a wide range of stakeholders on our approach and would like to hear your views. Please complete the online survey before Monday 10 February.

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About the consultation

South Ayrshire Council has developed robust partnership arrangements with a range of third sector organisations in order to meet the needs of local people. Over the past three years this approach has enabled us to develop a range of new and innovative services. As a result we have been able to continue to meet the needs of individuals with the greatest level of need whilst also ensuring individuals with a lower level of need are provided with support.

The demand for social services to support the most vulnerable individuals living in South Ayrshire continues to increase due to the increasing numbers of older people. Despite the challenges we face we will continue to work with the national eligibility framework set out in guidance from the Scottish Government and COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities). Our existing eligibility criteria for social care services is Fair Access to Community Care Services, which prioritises access to support against the following four categories of need:

  1. Critical – you are unable to do vital or most aspects of personal care and this is a major risk to your independence
  2. Substantial – you are unable to do many aspects of personal care and there are significant risks to your independence
  3. Moderate – you are unable to do some aspects of personal care indicating some risk to independence
  4. Low – you have difficulties with one or two aspects of personal care, domestic routines and/or home environment indicating little risk to some independence

In South Ayrshire Council we will continue to apply the national eligibility framework for accessing social care services. Our main priority and focus will remain on individuals with the highest level of need and those most at risk. Individuals with lower levels of need will also continue to receive a service through our partnership arrangements with the third sector. This may include the provision of information and advice or access to a range of other support services.

In South Ayrshire we will continue to have a strong commitment to prevention and early intervention with the ongoing development of services within the third sector. A continued focus for social services will be to support the most vulnerable individuals within our communities and ensuring no individual is placed at risk.

Closing Date

You can have your say until Monday 10 February 2014.

If you have any questions about the consultation please contact Liz Roy or Steven Kelly on 01292 616 261.