Draft Self-directed Support Policy

We are consulting with a wide range of stakeholders on our draft SDS Policy and would like to hear your views. Please complete the online survey before Monday 17 February.

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About the consultation

Self-directed support (SDS) is the new approach to supporting individuals and their carers who are eligible to access social care support services. Self-directed support places the individual at the centre of the assessment and planning process and recognises that they are best placed to understand their own needs, make choices and take more control of their lives.

South Ayrshire Council is committed to the implementation of self-directed support and ensuring individuals and families have real choice and control. It aims to ensure services are flexible and empower eligible people to live independently. The focus will be on delivering better outcomes for individuals through a collaborative approach to assessment and support planning. The Council will increase access to a range of information and advice that will support staff and the public, and ensure our processes are transparent.

Under the Self-directed Support (Scotland) Act 2013 the Council will offer greater choice and control to individuals who they have assessed as having eligible support needs. In South Ayrshire the following four options will be made available for an individual to choose how they receive social care and support:

  1. Option 1 - Direct Payment
    The Council provides the individual with a direct payment. This money will be used by the individual to purchase care and support to meet their agreed outcomes.
  2. Option 2 - Individual Service Fund
    An individual service fund is when the money or service hours are held by the provider nominated by the individual but the individual decides how to spend the money and maintains choice, control and flexibility in meeting their outcomes.
  3. Option 3 - Traditional Packages of Care and Support
    The individual requests the Council arrange the support and care they required on their behalf to meet their agreed outcomes.
  4. Option 4 - Mixed Package of Care and Support
    The individual has the flexibility of choosing a combination of Options 1, 2 and 3 to meet their agreed outcomes.

Closing Date

You can have your say until Monday 17th February.

If you have any questions about the consultation please contact Liz Roy or Steven Kelly on 01292 616 261.