Our Future – Let’s Talk 2020/21

“This consultation is now closed. We thank you for your input. Responses to the survey are currently being worked on and results will be released in due course.”

We listened to your views expressed in last year’s budget engagement survey. We’re making changes to become a more sustainable organisation. Some of the changes are in line with the expectations shown in last year’s survey. Following on from that engagement, we’d now like to hear more of your views on some specific issues.

The following link will take you to Our Future – Let’s Talk survey. There you’ll find details of council spending, the results of last year’s budget survey and questions on important issues for your input.

A snapshot of your responses will be taken on 26 February and provided to Elected Members, in time for their consideration prior to setting this year’s budget on 5th March. However, the survey will remain open for at least three months after which a final report on all responses will be collated