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Proposed changes to the catchment areas for Muirhead Primary School and Struthers Primary School

This proposal paper is being published in accordance with the requirements of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010. The proposals contained in this document seek to amend the present school catchment areas for Muirhead Primary School, Troon and Struthers Primary School, Troon.

The Council’s Local Plan contains land supply for approximately 10,000 new houses. This includes the provision of 680 units at North East Troon which impacts on both Muirhead Primary School and Struthers Primary School. As part of the Council’s initial discussions regarding the impact of the North East Troon development on the local education provision it was recognised that there was a natural link with Struthers Primary School. The proposed housing configuration within the whole of development site will make it easier for all children to access the provision at Struthers Primary School.

Within the current catchment arrangements for Muirhead Primary School and Struthers Primary School a proportion of children who reside in the North West area of Deveron Road, Troon are closer to Struthers Primary School but are zoned for Muirhead Primary School. This results in a number of parents submitting placing requests for the school nearest to their home.

Public consultation closed on 9 October 2015

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