Day services for older people consultation

The review of day services for older people is part of a programme of service reviews carried out by South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).

Later this year, the HSCP Integration Joint Board (IJB) will be asked to consider options on the future delivery of day services for older people.

Its considerations will be based around the options below:

  1. Current Service with Improvements
    Improved version of the current service including provision of seven day week day care and improvements to the social work referral process.
  2. Self-Directed Support (SDS) Budget Only
    SDS offers choice and control to individuals to use the equivalent day services budget in a range of different ways to meet their personal outcomes. There would be no change to day hospital provision.
  3. We are also proposing to charge for day care for older people and adults and wish to seek your views on this.

As part of this process we want to understand the views of the relatives, carers, users of day services and the public at large. This feedback will help inform decisions on the future provision of day services for older people.

Please read the consultation factsheet.

The consultation closed on Friday 9th August 2019.