Completed consultations

These consultations are now closed. The results will be posted when available.

Educational Services - Draft Service and Improvement Plan for 2018/19

Ended 29 June 2018. View results

Proposed amendments to South Ayrshire Council's primary school admissions, P7-S1 Secondary school transfers and placing request arrangements

Ended 15 June 2018. View results

Proposed charges for halls/pitches/school lets and draft Bookings Policy

Ended 8 June 2018. Results to follow

Proposal on children starting primary 1 in August 2018

Ended 11 May 2018. View results

Proposed Shared Educational Campus incorporating Glenburn Primary and St Ninian’s Primary and associated Early Years provision

Ended 20 April 2018. View results

Proposed Maybole Community Campus - Proposed closure and amalgamation of Cairn Primary School and Gardenrose Primary School and associated Early Years provision and the proposed relocation of St Cuthbert’s Primary School

Ended 20 April 2018. View results

Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan

Ended 20 April 2018. Results to follow

Draft Local Eligibility Criteria for Carers in South Ayrshire

Ended 9 February 2018. Results to follow.

Balancing the budget 2018 - 2020

Ended 11 February 2018. Results to follow.

Early Learning and Childcare Consultation Parents and Communities

Ended 26 June 2017. View results

Draft Adult Community Mental Health Strategy for 2017-22

Ended 30 April 2017. Results to follow.

South Ayrshire Children's Service Plan

Ended 22 March 2017. View results

Fresh approach lets communities influence future priorities through the Local Development Plan

Ended: 10 February 2017. Results to follow.

South Ayrshire 1000 Citizens’ Panel – 2016 Quality of Life Survey

Ended 16 January 2017. View results

Landlord survey

Ended. View results

Play Strategy for Early Learning and Childcare across South Ayrshire

Ended. View results

#equal4u – Ayrshire Shared Equality Outcomes Consultation

Ended. View results

Proposed Relocation of Ayr Grammar Primary School and establishment of Early Learning and Childcare Provision

Ended. View results.

Draft Equality Outcomes for South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Ended: 2 September 2016. Results to follow.

Early Learning and Childcare – Parents/Carers Survey

Ended: 23 November 2015. View results

Proposed changes to the catchment areas for Muirhead Primary School and Struthers Primary School

Public Consultation Ended: 9 October 2015. View Outcome

Proposed amendments to the arrangements relating to Placing Request

Public Consultation Ended: 26 June 2015. View Details.

Relocation of Invergarven School

Public Consultation Ended: 24 April 2015.View Details

Early Learning and Childcare - Parents/Carers Survey 2015

Ended: 23 November 2015. Results to follow.

Balancing the Budget 2016/17-2018/19

Ended: 30 October 2015. Results to follow.

Draft Autism Strategy for Ayrshire

Ended: 30 October 2015. View consultation

Town Centre and Retail Local Development Plan: Main Issues Report

Ended: 16 October 2015.

Draft Communication Strategy

Ended: 12 June 2015. Results to follow.

Health and social care strategic plan

Ended: 20 March 2015. View results

South Ayrshire 1000 Citizens’ Panel – 2014 Quality of Life Survey

Ended: 30 January 2015. View Results

Draft Integration Scheme

Ended: 6 January 2015. View results

Town Centre Surveys

Ended. View results

Draft Integration Scheme

Ended: Monday 8 December 2014. View results

Draft Ayrshire & Arran Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Ended: Friday 28 November 2014. View results

Historic Environment Supplementary Guidance - Draft Addendum

Ended: 13 November 2014. View results

Draft Community Engagement Strategy/Health and Social Care Locality Planning

Ended: 31 July 2014.

Ayrshire and Arran Tourism Strategy – Strategic Environmental Assessment

Ended: 18 July 2014. View results

Electronic Signage

Ended: 6 June 2014.

Proposed sites for new housing developments

Consultation now closed.

Potential Relocation of Tarbolton Primary School and Tarbolton Nursery School and Proposed Closure and Re-designation of Tarbolton Nursery School to Tarbolton Primary Nursery Class

Ended: Friday 4 April 2014. View results

A library service for the future

Ended: Friday 28 March 2014. View results

Proposed new nursery school at the Space Place, Prestwick and Proposed new nursery class at Struthers Primary School, Troon

Consultation now closed. View results

Draft Self-directed Support Policy

Ended: Monday 17 February 2014. View results

Eligibility for Social Care Services

Ended: Monday 10 February 2014. View results

Draft South Ayrshire Gaelic Language Plan 2014-17

View results

Request for Diversion of Public Right of Way

Ended: Friday 14 February 2014. View results

Lochside Consultation

Ended: 9 December 2013. View results

Girvan Leisure and Community Facility

View results

Draft Statement of Licensing Policy

Ended: 6 January 2014. View results

Healthy Weight Strategy

Working together, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, the three local authorities and the North Public Partnership Forum have developed a draft Healthy Weight Strategy and action plan. This strategy will be developed in two phases: the first phase has focused on obesity and the second phase will focus on developing outcomes and an action plan to address issues related to being underweight.

Ended: 28 February 2014.

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

View results

600 hours of Nursery Consultation

Ended: 22nd November 2013.

Ayr Academy, Ayr Consultation

South Ayrshire Council is committed to modernising its school estate and in March 2011 was awarded funding to replace Ayr Academy under the Scottish Government’s Schools for the Future programme. After considering different options, the Council proposes to relocate the school to a new Ayr Academy learning campus within the Craigie Estate, Ayr. The present 19th century Ayr Academy building is in poor condition and is unsuitable for learning and teaching in the 21st century. The proposed move to the Craigie Estate will address these problems and will also provide an opportunity to develop a learning campus with the University of the West of Scotland and the Ayrshire College which can better meet the needs of all learners.

Draft Sport and Leisure Strategy for South Ayrshire

Ended: Friday 4 October 2013. View results

Draft Adult Learning Disability Strategy for South Ayrshire

Ended: Friday 20 September 2013. View results

Policy on the Management and Administration of Medication

View results

Draft Adult Mental Health Strategy for South Ayrshire

View results

Public Conveniences in South Ayrshire

View results

Belleisle Park – Consultation Event

View results

Revised Tenant Participation Strategy (2011 – 2015)

View results

Planning Service Supplementary Guidance Consultation

Ended 17 June 2013. View results

Ayr Town Hall

South Ayrshire Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the events survey. We value your comments which will help us in our future planning and programming of events in South Ayrshire.

Social Media Survey

Thanks to all of you who participated in our recent social media survey. Your feedback will help us improve our use of social media to ensure it meets your needs.

Road Safety Plan to 2020

View results

Your South Ayrshire

View results

Maidens Harbour Feasibility Study

View results

South Ayrshire Proposed Local Development Plan

View results

Girvan Consultation

People from across Girvan and South Carrick had the chance to put their views forward on the designs for the planned new £8 million multi-faceted leisure and community facility at Girvan Harbour.

South Ayrshire Draft Economic Development Strategy

What is your vision for the economy in South Ayrshire? We wanted to know your views so you can help us shape the new ten year South Ayrshire Economic Development Strategy document.

View results

South Ayrshire Carers Strategy

Ended 31 July 2012. View results

Freeman's Hall Steeple, Prestwick

Views on the options for replacing the steeple. The results of this survey will be available soon.

Consultation on Open Space Strategy and Associated Environmental Report

View results

Customer Contact Centre Survey

A survey on what you think about our customer services.

View results

Energy Sense Survey

The Council was looking to update the way in which people get information and help to lower energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

View results

Forehill, Ayr - New Council Houses and Children's Unit Consultation

View results

Strategy for Mixed-Tenure Housing Blocks

The Council was looking for ways to improve how it contacts and supports other owners in Mixed-Tenure Housing Block to make arrangements to pay for improvement works and repairs.

View results

Dog Fouling Consultation

We consulted the public on the possible introduction of a ban on dogs in certain areas like school grounds, children's play areas, sports and playing fields, cemeteries, golf courses and designated bathing beaches.

Ended: 19 September 2011. View results

Comprehensive Review Of Polling Arrangements

Before the Council considers the recommendations, statutory consultation with electors, groups, etc. took place.

Ayrshire and Arran Tourism Strategy Development

The Ayrshire Economic Partnership (AEP), are a collective body consisting of the three local authorities, Scottish Enterprise, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Industry leaders, who are working collectively to provide a concise strategic direction to the sustainable economic performance of Ayrshire & Arran.

View results

Housing Disability Consultation

We wanted to find out more about the issues facing households with particular access needs. This could be a physical or sensory impairment, learning disability or mental health issue.

View results

Marr College – the next chapter

View results

Street Lighting on Holmston Road, Ayr

As part of our drive to reduce costs and CO2 emissions, South Ayrshire Council is conducting a trial of variable street lighting in Holmston Road.

South Ayrshire Parking Strategy 2011-2020

South Ayrshire Council's Parking Strategy sets out how the Council and other stakeholders will manage, maintain and enforce safe and secure parking that will contribute to the development of our communities.

View results

Alcohol and Drug Strategy 2011-2015

An opportunity for you to contribute to your local Strategy and be part of the ongoing consultation process.

View results

Informal consultation on the re-location of Forehill Library

South Ayrshire Council would like to seek views on the possible re-location of Forehill Library to an area within the Forehill Primary School.

View results

Design Guideline for Advertisement and Commercial Signage

On 9th February 2010, the Council's Leadership Panel approved Supplementary Planning Guidance on "Design Guideline for Advertisement and Commercial Signage".

View results

Children's Units Consultation: Maybole and North Ayr

Consultation regarding possible locations for new child care residential units at Dunlop Terrace in Ayr and Queen's Terrace in Maybole.

View results

QMA Consultation

Informal consultation on creating an all-through 5-18 denominational school at Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr. View the results of the consultation.

View results

Housing Consultation

In December 2008, the Scottish Government announced the availability of subsidy of up to £25k per unit to encourage Councils to consider new build as an option. View the results of the consultation.

View results

Fundamental Review Of Ayr Grammar Primary School

View results

South Ayrshire Schools - Parents' Views

South Ayrshire Council is committed to improving the quality of education it provides in its schools. During March 2009 we asked parents to tell us what they think of our schools and how we could improve. 49 parents completed the survey. Thank you to all who took the time to participate.

View results

Accessibility Strategy

In order to advance our action plan the Accessibility Strategy Group consulted parents/carers, children and young people, and staff.

View results

Prestwick Parking Study

The Prestwick Parking Study has been carried out to try and address some of the problems caused by these factors and to make recommendations as to how to improve the parking situation in the Prestwick area.

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