Proposal on children starting primary 1 in August 2018

Consultation Summary

We received 738 responses to our recent consultation on the proposal that children starting Primary 1 in August attend school for the full day from the start of the new school term.

Parents/carers, head teachers, teachers and members of the public were consulted in April and May 2018, with two-thirds of respondents agreeing with the proposal:

No. Percentage
Agreement with Proposal 486 65.9%
Disagreement with Proposal25234.1%
Total Responses 738

As a result, South Ayrshire children starting primary school this year will be the first to attend school for a full day from August.

Primary 1 children will start school on Monday 20 August 2018 – the same date all other children return to school.

We recognise that some parents/carers may feel that their child is not yet ready for a full day at school from the start of term and had registered their child with the expectation they wouldn’t be moving to a full day at school until September.

As a result, and for this year only, those parents/carers will have the option to remove their child at lunch time for the first 10 school days without it being considered an unauthorised absence, helping them better manage the transition for their child.

Early years staff will also work closely with staff in primary schools – particularly for the first two weeks – to support the transition arrangements for children.

If you would like a summary of the comments submitted in response to the consultation, please email

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.