Draft Autism Strategy for Ayrshire

The three Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) in South, East and North Ayrshire have developed a new ten-year strategy which underpins our approach to supporting local people with autism and their carers. The strategy is based on the strengths and assets of individuals and local communities across Ayrshire and supports our vision:

“All people with autism are respected and accepted for who they are, are valued for what they contribute to our communities, and are able to live the life they choose.”

In Ayrshire, it was agreed that developing an Ayrshire-wide strategy would be the best way to establish a more coordinated approach and make best use of resources to support people with autism.

The draft strategy has been developed through an ongoing process of engagement with local people with autism, their carers and a range of stakeholders. It takes account of the findings of the National Autism Mapping Services Project and draws on the findings of consultation exercises with local people with autism, carers and service providers in Ayrshire.

The strategy sets out our overall approach to supporting people with autism across Ayrshire. It concentrates on individual assets and the capacity that already exists within our local communities. The approach focuses on the rights of people with autism to ensure they have the necessary level of choice and control and access to good opportunities. The strategy supports strong early intervention as well as enhanced support for children and young people with autism. It emphasises preventative measures to support health improvement and reduce crisis. The strategy is underpinned by a belief that supporting autism is a responsibility that is shared across support agencies and across communities.

The strategy sets out key priorities and actions to be taken forward in each of the three HSCP areas.