Problem Solving (Litter) in Victory Park, Girvan - started July 2009

The problem

During school times, especially lunch, large quantities of litter are dropped by school children in and around Victory Park, Girvan.

The aim

The aim of the group was to reduce the amount of litter dropped by schoolchildren during lunchtimes in and around Victory Park and to educate the students from Girvan Academy on the environmental impact of litter on their immediate environment.

Options to address the problem include:

  • Installation of more bins at “hotspot” locations.
  • A period of enforcement using Community Support Workers, Police and Litter Wardens.
  • A poster campaign.
  • An educational project for students from Girvan Academy.
  • Partnership working with fastfood premises in Girvan to canvass litter message through napkins and bags.
  • Awareness campaign for young people using text messaging.

Environmental clean-up day involving students and adult volunteers.