Redeployable CCTV

Portable CCTV solutions can be provided where a short term need has been identified. If problems re-occur, the equipment can be redeployed quickly and efficiently. The main aim is to gather evidence and the identification of offenders. Where appropriate, other additional supports will be explored with the community, including the use of problem solving, support from the Community Support Workers and Police.

Who is responsible for Redeployable CCTV?

A sub-group has been established to oversee the use of the cameras with representatives from South Ayrshire Council's Housing Department, Police Scotland and South Ayrshire Council's Community Safety Service. This includes the Antisocial Behaviour Team, plus input from the Community Support Workers.

How do I request Redeployable CCTV?

Members of the public and community groups are encouraged to identify areas having problems with antisocial behaviour. Referrals can also be received from the Police and various Council departments. An evaluation of the problem is undertaken and the Redeployable CCTV sub-group considers if the referral meets all the agreed criteria. If so, the CCTV is deployed at the first available date. Signs alerting the public to the use of Redeployable CCTV in the area are put up prior to each deployment and removed when the cameras are taken away. If the decision of the sub-group is not to deploy a camera, the reason is recorded and signed off by the chair of the sub-group.

How do we know if the CCTV has been effective?

At the end of the deployment a final evaluation is carried out. This looks at the various statistics before, during, at the end of the deployment and a couple of months after the cameras have been removed. This shows the longer term impact the cameras have on the area. Reports are submitted to the Community Safety Partnership meetings on a regular basis.

The Community Safety Problem Solving Teams include Community Support Workers who target areas requiring patrolling, reporting and enforcement regarding environmental and antisocial behaviour issues in communities.

To find out more about Problem Solving, contact the Community Safety Service on 01292 559405.