Problem Solving in Piedmont Road, Girvan - started May 2008

The problem

There were incidents of youth disorder and antisocial behaviour in the Glendoune area of Girvan, centred around the Glendoune Centre (Chestnut Drive), Piedmont Road and Linden Avenue. The incidents involved graffiti, antisocial behaviour, vandalism, car vandalism, drugs and underage drinking. Agents were supplying drink and drugs to young people, but due to geography of the area it was difficult to track the perpetrators of anti social behaviour.

The aim

The aims of the group were to reduce youth disorder in the area, increase reporting to the Police and educate young people on the dangers of drug use and underage drinking.

Options to address the problem included:

  • Deploying Community Safety Officers into the area for a mapping exercise, including what young people want to do.
  • Police Action Plans for the area around Glendoune Centre and Linden Avenue/Rowan Road.
  • Providing diversionary activities for young people.
  • Environmental improvements to boost the self esteem of people living in the area.
  • Deploying CCTV into the area.

Graffiti Art Project, Chestnut Drive, Girvan (Before/During/After)