Problem Solving (Youth Disorder) Oval, Prestwick

The problem

Through initial Problem Solving meetings involving local residents, Police and Elected Members in the Oval area of Prestwick, it was established that the supply of alcohol to under age young people, the consumption of alcohol in large intimidating groups, and subsequent antisocial behaviour such as vandalism and fire raising in the surrounding area were the main problems to be tackled.

The aims

Going through the problem solving process, it was established that the aim of any interventions put in place would be to reduce the levels of complaint relating to antisocial behaviour in the area to Police Scotland and SACs Community Safety Service.


Interventions thought up and agreed by the group were as follows:

  • Environmental clean up/litter pick
  • Planting of prohibitive shrubbery in strategic areas
  • CSO deployment
  • Targeted Police Action Plans
  • Pursuit of individuals using ASB legislation
  • Fire safety inputs at youth activities
  • Diversionary activities
    • Football
    • Band Nights
    • BMX Event
    • Running
    • Streetsport Express


Complaints to Police and SACs Community Safety Service relating to youth disorder dropped 84% when compared with the previous year. (2007 - 2008)

Residents staying in streets surrounding The Oval were delighted with the results of the interventions put in place, some using phrases such as 'amazing' and 'it's like night and day' when comparing the situation to previous years.


This year saw a programme of diversionary events at The Oval being implemented in an attempt to pre-empt some of the historic problems which traditionally occurred during the summer months.

2009 again saw a large reduction in calls to Police and SACs Community Safety Service. There have been 5 calls in total to the services, compared to over 100 during the corresponding period in 2007.