Problem Solving (Youth Disorder) Dundonald Bruce Avenue – started May 2007

The problem

Through initial Problem Solving meetings involving local residents, Police and Elected Members in the Bruce Avenue area, it was established that the supply of alcohol to under age young people, the consumption of alcohol in large intimidating groups specifically at Bruce Avenue swing park, and subsequent antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, noise nuisance, graffiti and littering in the immediate area were the main problems to be tackled. There was also a spate of fire raising in the area.

The aims

Going through the problem solving process, it was established that the aims of any interventions put in place would be to reduce the levels of complaint relating to antisocial behaviour in the area to Police Scotland and SACs Community Safety Service.


Interventions thought up and agreed by the group were as follows:

  • Community Support Worker deployment
  • Targeted Police Action Plans
  • Pursuit of individuals using ASB legislation
  • Improve lighting in swing park area
  • Use of anti-vandal paint
  • Planting of prohibitive shrubbery
  • Fire inputs at youth activity groups
  • Environmental clean up day at swing park
  • Deployment of temporary CCTV camera
  • Diversionary activities
    • Football
    • Streetsport Express


Complaint figures to Police and SACs Community Safety Service relating to youth disorder in Dundonald dropped 30% for 2008 when compared with 2007.


Work continues in Dundonald on engagement with young people, with new sustainable projects and initiatives put in place.