Problem Solving in Dalmilling - started February 2009

The problem

There were complaints around youth disorder in several areas in Dalmilling including Thorneyflat Place, Westwood Crescent, Fulshaw Crescent and Overmills Day Centre. In some cases, the complaints received might have been related which is why the group was brought together. There were incidents within Thorneyflat Place on several occasions as a result of youth disorder, resulting in night time disturbance, vandalism, underage drinking and missiles being thrown. It was reported there was one property in the vicinity where young people were congregating and accessing alcohol.

The aim

The aim of the group was to reduce youth disorder in the area.

Options to address the problem included:

  • Diversionary activities for young people
  • Redeployable CCTV
  • Police Action Plan
  • Additional Community Support Worker Patrols
  • Warning letters for young people and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

Establishing a Tenants and Residents group.