Other Confident Group Projects

3 Village Project (Mossblown/Annbank/Tarbolton)

Community Learning & Development are working with the 3 villages’ Tenants & Residents groups to develop provision for youth and community activities in the area.

Junior Support Team

Community Support Workers lead this initiative which involves arranging 12 week programmes for selected young people (12 young people on each programme). Programmes include educational and community initiatives as well as fun activities.

Streetsport Express

This summer long initiative involves a vehicle equipped with sports equipment and Youth/Sports Development Workers. Streetsport Express visits areas of South Ayrshire with few facilities or a history of antisocial behaviour.

Sessional Youth Workers

Community Safety has access to Sessional Youth Workers, managed by Community Learning and Development, to develop some of the activities and projects highlighted in this section.

Action for Children South Ayrshire Mentoring Project

What’s the Mentoring Project about?

The Project provides a needs-led mentoring support service to provide opportunities for children and young people to have access to an adult mentor. The young people referred have been identified as being involved in persistent offending or showing signs of escalating offending and antisocial behaviour.

The overall aim of the Mentoring Project is to divert children and young people from being identified as persistent offenders and to prevent the need to use the range of legal measures available through the Children’s Scotland Act and the Antisocial Behaviour legislation.

For more information contact:
South Ayrshire Mentoring Project
Action for Children Scotland

Tel: 01294 276153
E mail: Marianne-Hendrie@actionforchildren.org.uk

Intergenerational Activities

Various intergenerational activities are planned in problem solving areas, aimed at reducing fear of crime in these areas and building an understanding between generations. These activities are being developed with the assistance of problem solving groups in each area. Projects at the planning stage include an allotment project, a sheltered housing assistance project and a community arts project.

Campus Police Officers

Campus Police Officers are operational at four schools in the South Ayrshire region: Marr College, Kyle Academy, Ayr Academy and Belmont Academy.

Redeployable CCTV

South Ayrshire Council has 4 redeployable CCTV cameras, which can be moved into areas affected by antisocial behaviour. The cameras are deployed for a 6 – 8 week period at a time and act as a deterrent as well as an evidence gathering tool.

Youth Action Plan

Youth Action Plans are being developed in the South Carrick, North Carrick, Ayr South, Ayr North, 3 Villages, Troon and Prestwick areas through consultation with local young people.

Fly Tipping

A problem solving group has been set up to look at ways of tackling fly tipping in South Ayrshire.

Fire Raising

A problem solving group has been set up to look at ways of tackling fire raising in South Ayrshire.


The Confident group will link in with the Safe & Healthy Groups to look at ways of tackling the adverse effects of alcohol consumption in South Ayrshire.