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Diversionary Activities

Various diversionary activities are organised in 'hotspot' areas for antisocial behaviour. These activities develop with the assistance of problem solving groups in each area. The following diversionary activities have been carried out in the areas highlighted.

Diversionary Activities – Arran Park, Prestwick

  • Streetsport Express
  • Football
  • Litter Picks
  • Environmental Clean Up
  • Intergenerational Allotment Project

Diversionary Activities – The Oval, Prestwick

  • Environmental Clean Up
  • Football
  • Band Nights
  • BMX Event
  • Running
  • Streetsport Express

Diversionary Activities – Tarbolton

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Free access to Activity Centre
  • Fishing
  • Arts & Craft nights
  • Support for youth club

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