Overmills Day Service

Overmills History

The Day Service originated in 1994 and operated from Carrick Street Halls opposite Ayr Gaiety Theatre. The service originally provided a service to residents of North Ayr and operated from these premises until September 1999 after which the service relocated to Overmills.

Overmills Day Service stands on a site where Mills have been located for centuries. The first Mill was established by a group of monks in the ninth century who had moved north from England, unfortunately they found the weather not to their liking and moved back south after a few years.

The Mill area was known as MERLYNGBURN until 1594 when it changed to OVERMILLS. A variety of Mills (some made of wood) existed until 1963 when the last Overmill was demolished to make way for the construction of Overmills Bridge and subsequently the by-pass.

When the Day Service was opened in 1999 almost all of our original service users had memory of the last Mill and thought it would be appropriate to name their service ‘Overmills’ in its memory and was officially named on 16th October 1999.


Our aim is to provide a Day Service to older people with substantial and critical needs within their own Community in a manner that values the 5 principles of the Health & Social Care Standards.

  • Dignity & Respect
  • Compassion
  • Be Included
  • Responsive Care & Support
  • Wellbeing

We aim to support and encourage individuals to maintain their health, wellbeing and independence in a manner that maximises potential and supports a stimulating and fulfilling lifestyle in a safe, friendly and caring environment that is free from exploitation or abuse.


  • To deliver person centred care and support in consultation with the people who use the service and those significant to them.
  • To develop care and support plans that recognises; equality, diversity, assessed need, personal choice and individual preference.
  • To provide a varied range of stimulating and therapeutic activities and recreational pursuits that will enable opportunities to retain and develop new skills.
  • To provide opportunities to re-establish and form new social relationships and connect with the local community.
  • To carry out a review programme in line with Regulation that evaluates effectiveness of service provision and ensures that changing need and individual choice is recognised and implemented.
  • To encourage service users to be involved in the running of their service.
  • To provide a bright, attractive and homely environment and well maintained gardens that will enhance the experiences of people who use the service.


Overmills operates on a daily basis with a Unit Manager supported by:

1 Senior Day Centre Officer
7 Day Centre Officers (full-time & part-time)
1 Administrative Assistant
1 Minibus Escort

The unit manager is responsible for the quality and Standard of Service Provision and compliance with Registration and Inspection.

The senior ensures that care and support is person centred and meets the standards defined within the Health and Social Care Standards.

The senior co-ordinates transport provision and is responsible for the supervision of care staff.

The senior deputise in the Managers absence.

Day care officers primarily act as keyworkers to individual attenders and are responsible for formulating and reviewing personalised care and support plans in consultation with service users.

The administrative assistant is responsible for all clerical and administrative tasks.

The minibus escort collects service users from their home and returns them home after their service on the Service Minibus.

Admission procedure

All referrals to Overmills are made by a lead practitioner

  • All attendees will have received an assessment of need by the lead practitioner prior to being referred to Overmills.
  • A day care place will be allocated by the Social Work Team Leader taking account of each individuals assessed needs and circumstances.
  • When a place has been allocated contact will be made by Overmills to arrange admission to the service.
  • After 4 weeks attendance a review meeting will be arranged in consultation with the Lead Practitioner to discuss the placement to ensure the service is meeting individual needs and expectations and to agree that the placement should continue.

Practical information

Opening times

Overmills provides a service to older people and operates five days per week, Monday to Friday and can provide a service for up to 45 people each day.

Operational Hours are: 9.00am - 4.00pm

The centre is closed on Public Holidays and one day every second month the service closes at 1.00pm to allow for staff development/training (Service Users are notified of this arrangement in advance)


Your personal transport arrangements will be confirmed prior to taking up a placement. Pick up times are approximate and can be subject to change as people leave and take up placements in the service. You will be notified of any changes in advance.

Meal arrangements

A three-course meal is available each day at a small charge. Personal preferences will be taken into account. Teas and coffees are available throughout the day.

Policies and procedures

In order to keep attenders and staff safe, a number of policies and procedures are in place.

Smoking policy - A no smoking policy operates at Overmills however clients may smoke out with the building at their own risk within the designated smoking areas.

Fire safety - A safety representative has been appointed at Overmills and in the event of fire, clear evacuation procedures exist.

Medication - Staff will provide support and assistance with medication where there is an assessed need in accordance with South Ayrshire Council’s Medication Policy and Guidance.

Health and safety - Policies and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of service users, visitors and employees.

Although you are not confined to the building it is important for Health & Safety and Fire Regulations that you advise a member of staff of your intentions to leave the building?


A wide range of activities are available to suit personal interests and hobbies as detailed below:

Carpet Bowls is a popular activity at Overmills which can be enjoyed in our games room. There is also a large variety of table games e.g. scrabble, dominoes, cards, draughts, pool as well as darts.

Individuals at Overmills participate in structured needs led activities. Offering communication based activities including crosswords, general knowledge quizzes, reminiscence, media discussions and debates.

There is an arts and crafts room where service users enjoy activities, including knitting, crocheting, painting, houseplant care and card making.

Services users are encouraged to share their own skills and introduce new ideas to the group e.g. flower arranging. These activities promote hand to eye co-ordination and encourage social and cognitive stimulation.

We offer individuals a relaxing atmosphere with hand massage using aromatherapy oils and fingernail painting. This can boost self-esteem and encourage a sense of well-being.

Service users have the opportunity to participate in reminiscence work with the use of nostalgic materials and literature. This activity allows service users to share their memories, experiences and life events in a relaxed environment.

Light chair exercises are available to encourage physical stimulation and promote mobility levels. The exercises are promoted by staff with a focus on ‘Preventing Falls’.

Themed days are arranged once a month where seasonal and topical events are celebrated incorporating arts and crafts, music and dance.

We offer a range of specialist equipment that has been designed to stimulate the senses, encourage movement and evoke memories through reminiscence.

User group

The User Group consists of a small group made up of attendees, family members and volunteers.

Information gathered at the User Group Meetings is useful in monitoring the effectiveness of the service. Attenders are encouraged to participate in the group where there is the opportunity to influence the service.


Overmills strives to continually improve therefore any dissatisfaction with the service should be brought to the attention of the staff or Management as soon as possible in order for a resolution to be reached.

A dedicated listening to you area has been created on South Ayrshire Council website for customers or can be contacted on 0300 123 0900

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