Overmills Day Service


Overmills aim to provide a day service to older people within their own community.

We aim to create a friendly caring environment where we will offer the support our attendees need to maintain a stimulating and fulfilling lifestyle through a programme of activities, recreational pursuits and socialisation.


  • Provide a bright attractive environment.
  • Devise a support plan in conjunction with the individual attendee to meet assessed needs.
  • Provide a variety of activities within Overmills and in the community taking into account individual preferences.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of activities by consultation with attendees and staff.
  • Encourage attendees to be involved in the running of their service (we have an active User Committee).
  • Each attendee will be allocated a keyworker, that is a particular staff member who will assist with all your care arrangements whilst at Overmills.


Overmills was a mill located close to this building. It stood on a site where mills have been located for centuries. The first mill was sited by a group of monks in the ninth century who had moved south after a few years. The mill was known as Merlyngburn until 1594 when it changed to Overmills. A variety of mills (some made of wood) existed until 1963 when the last Overmill was demolished to make way for the construction of Overmills Bridge and subsequently the by-pass.

Almost all of our attendees remembered the last Mill and thought it would be appropriate to name our building in its memory.



Overmills operates on a daily basis with a Manager supported by:

1 Senior Day Centre Officer
5 Day Centre Officers
1 Clerical Assistant

The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of Overmills and the management and development of the service.

The Senior Day Centre Officer is responsible for the running of the service in the manager's absence and has particular responsibility for the monitoring and development of the activities programme.

Day Centre Officers primarily act as keyworkers to individual attendees and have responsibility for the monitoring and development of the activities programme in consultation with attendees.

The Clerical Assistant is responsible for all clerical and administrative tasks.

Admission procedure

All admissions are made by a referral from a Social Worker.

A home visit by Centre staff will follow where they will take note of any special requirements such as mobility - dietary - medication and to explain procedures, for example, opening and closing times - transport - lunches - cost - activities and attendance.

This meeting will offer the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the service.

Practical information

Opening times

Overmills is open five days per week, Monday to Friday.
Hours: 8.45a.m. - 3.45 p.m.

Please note Overmills closes on the last Friday of each month at 1.00 p.m. to allow for a staff development meeting.


Your personal transport arrangements will be confirmed at your home visit.

Meal arrangements

A two-course meal is available each day for which there is a small charge. Personal preferences will be taken into account. Teas and coffees are available throughout the day.

Policies and procedures

In order to keep attendees and staff safe, a number of policies and procedures are in place.

Smoking policy - A no smoking policy operates at Overmills.

Fire safety - A safety representative has been appointed at Overmills and in the event of fire, clear evacuation procedures exist. There are regular evacuation drills to familiarise attendees with the actions to take in the event of a fire. The fire alarm is tested on a weekly basis.

Health and safety - A member of staff has been designated as a health and safety representative and three members of staff are trained in first-aid.

Medication - Any attendees who require to take medication should advise staff to ensure appropriate information in the event of an emergency. Staff will also provide support and assistance with medication if required.

Individual support

References are made within this document to keyworkers and support plans, as already indicated each attendee will be allocated a keyworker who will draw up a support plan in consultation with the attendee.
The support plan will detail what assistance staff will provide on a daily basis based on individual needs. The support plan is reviewed every twelve weeks to ensure its effectiveness.


Individual care arrangements within Overmills will be reviewed on an annual basis (or sooner if required). The review will take the form of a meeting which includes the attendee - the keyworker - social worker - relatives or friends.

A record will be made of the review decisions; information relating to the support plan and the review decisions will be stored in a confidential file.

Attendees are entitled to a copy of this information or access to this information at any time.


All activities are organised to reflect individual interests and abilities.

The activities are not task orientated but designed to provide stimulation - enjoyment and a sense of achievement.

Some examples of activities are detailed below:

Cooking - discussion groups - media studies - quizzes - games - reminiscence - local history - crafts - chair exercises - relaxation and aromatherapy.

In addition to activities in Overmills, there is also a varied social outing programme where attendees can visit places of interest - socialise over a cuppa and enjoy a day out.

User group committee

The User Group Committee consists of a small group made up of attendees - relatives - friends and volunteers.

The group meets once per month where issues such as activities - events and outings are discussed.

This information is useful in monitoring the effectiveness of the activity programme. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the committee where there will be the opportunity to influence the service.


Overmills strives to continually improve therefore if any attendee is unhappy with the service provided then it should be brought to the attention of the staff or manager.

A complaint can also be made directly to a social worker or the head of social work services. All complaints will be acknowledged and investigated.

Where are we?

Overmills Day Service
South Ayrshire Council
Westwood Avenue,
Ayr KA8 0QZ

Tel: 01292 610225