Community Council Elections

Annbank & Coylton Community Council By-Election

The Communities of Annbank and Coylton have petitioned South Ayrshire Council to establish a Community Council in their village.

If you reside in Annbank or Coylton and would like to put your name forward to become a member, nomination forms will be located in:

  • Nellies Bakers, Annbank
  • Bowling Green, Annbank
  • Coylton Pharmacy, Joppa
  • Coylton Activity Centre
  • Riverside Medical Centre, Coylton
  • Trysting Thorn, Coylton

Or you can download the nomination form.

Nominees must be aged 18 or over before 29 August 2019 and be registered to vote.

Community Councils are an important part of South Ayrshire’s community. They confirm the Government’s commitment to an inclusive democracy which involves local people in the decisions made by their local authorities. This is your opportunity to be part of this democratic process.

View additional information about the role of a community council.

For further information please contact Marie Welsh 01292 612622 or email

Community Council Elections 2019

Community Council elections follow a three year cycle. In 2019 a full election process took place for South Ayrshire Community Councils, whereby existing Community Councillors stepped down and new members had the opportunity to take up office.

The results of all Community Council Elections for the current term are shown below.

By Elections will take place in 2020 and 2021.

Results of the 2019 election