Muirhead Activity Centre

59 Central Avenue, Troon KA10 7AZ

Notice of application for internal review

An application for an internal review has been made to South Ayrshire Council under Section 86 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The pplication has been made by Dundonald Gymnastics Club SCIO SC048271 and relates to Muirhead Activity Centre and car park, Central Avenue, Troon KA10 7AZ.

Request for review documents

Anyone may make representations about the application for internal review to South Ayrshire Council within 10 working days of the date of this notice. Representations must be made in writing (by post or email) and must include the name and a valid address (which may be an email address) of the person making it. A redacted copy of the representation will be given to Dundonald Gymnastics Club and will be published on the Councils website. Please note that copies of representations relating to the original asset transfer request will be considered by the Council when determining the review.

Representations must be received by 4.45pm on Wednesday 21st August 2019 and should be sent to: Community Asset Transfer Team, Asset Management, South Ayrshire Council, Newton House, 30 Green Street Lane, Ayr KA8 8BH or

Please be aware that all representations are reviewed by Council officers before they are published on the Council’s web pages. This is to ensure that all comments made are neither offensive nor libelous and that their publication also complies with the Data Protection Act. Due the volume of casework and representations that can be received there may be delays between the Council receiving your comment and it being published on the Council’s website.

*Due to a delay in publication of Appendix 13, the closing date for representations to be submitted has been extended to Friday 23rd August 2019 at 4.45pm to allow any interested parties full consideration of all related documentation*

Asset Transfer Request

Dundonald Gymnastics Club (DGC) SCIO SC048271 have submitted an asset transfer request to purchase the Muirhead Activity Centre and car park.

The proposed use is for the provision of a recreational facility and organisation of recreational activities to improve participation in gymnastics, dance and exercise and the advancement of public participation in sport. Providing access for all with the object of improving the conditions of life for people for whom the facility and activities are intended.

Notice of Meeting

Asset Transfer Request documents and maps

Have your say

In accordance with Regulation 7 of The Asset Transfer Request (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2016 – publication of asset transfer requests, the opportunity was provided for representations to be made on the application and for the applicant to respond. The public consultation period has now closed and the timeline for the process is detailed in the following table:

Start Date Action Closing Date
13 February 2019 Formal notice of transfer request displayed at Muirhead Activity Centre and published on Council website providing details of how representation should be made 12 March 2019 (20 working days)
21 March 2019 DGC provided with copy of representations received by the Council and given opportunity to respond in writing. 18 April 2019(20 working days)
23 April 2019 Copies of representations received and written response from DGC and SAC published on Council website ongoing

The representations on the community asset request for Muirhead Activity Centre received by the deadline of 12th March 2019 are published here:

The response from Dundonald Gymnastics Club (DGC) SCIO Charity No. SC048271 to representations was received by the deadline of 18th April 2019 and is published here:

The response from South Ayrshire Council to representations is published here:

Council officers have been in discussion with current users of the centre to identify potential alternative Council and non-Council venues, where the proposed new facility may not be suitable to accommodate their specific requirements (for example, hard court sports). Potential alternative venues have been identified and details provided.