Ice Hockey (Ayr Jets Recreational)

The Ayr Jets are one if the oldest recreational teams in Scottish ice hockey. Founded in 1983/84 by members of the American Air Force (hence the name) based in the area with some local lads making up the numbers, some of which still remain active members of the team presently. 

The current team is made up of the afore mentioned players who have been here since the start and a mixture of young & older talent from varying generations. With the current state of ice hockey in Scotland, more & more young guys are having to turn to the recreational game and the Jets enjoy the benefits of players who can skate all night. The rest of the team, for the most part, learned their hockey in Ayr through the old Bruins/Raiders organisation and continue to enjoy their hockey in the "beer league" atmosphere created by the Jets.

Club Meetings

Day / Time:
Wednesdays 8.15-9.45, (please see above)

The Jets' home is Ayr Ice Rink at Limekiln Road. Games are played on the big ice on Saturday evenings, with a face-off time of 6/6.30pm but practice is held in the annex, on the small ice surface to the side of the main arena at 8.15-9.45pm on Thursdays.

Club Contacts

Name: Ryan Rodger
Contact Tel: 07969 489607


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