Parent or carer

Children and young people have a right to be protected and be safe from harm from others. We all have a responsibility to make sure that all our children live safely.

Families, neighbours, professionals and members of communities play a vital role in protecting children. Most children in our society grow up in a safe protected environment, but sadly some do not, and need extra help from adults to keep them safe.

If you and your child are or have recently been involved in a child protection investigation you may be feeling worried or confused. You might find it useful to speak to someone such as a social worker or a health visitor. Agencies are there to try and make sure your child is safe and support you where possible to ensure this.

The Information for parents and carers whose children are involved in child protection investigations leaflet will provide information for you or your family if you involved in child protection processes, or if you want to read more about what happens if you become involved

Information and support for parents and carers

A list of local and national services can be found in our Signpost directory.