Redeployable public space CCTV cameras

cctv camera

As well as our ‘permanent’ cameras, the Council’s Community Safety team co-ordinates 10 ‘redeployable’ cameras, which are designed to monitor specific areas for limited periods of time. Each camera provides a portable, mobile unit which delivers live images direct to the Council’s Emergency Response Team. The system can be deployed in various locations and the main functions of the cameras are evidence gathering and identification of offenders. Decisions about where a camera will be placed are taken by a sub-group with representation from South Ayrshire Council, Police Scotland, and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. The role of the sub-group is to consider and agree applications for deployment of each camera. A number of factors are taken into consideration before a camera can be justified in an area, including suitability of location, crime statistics, level of incidents. Signage alerting the public to the use of Re-deployable CCTV in the area will be erected prior to each deployment and removed when the cameras are taken away.

We have developed a range of case studies, which show the practical and positive ways redeployable cameras can address specific local issues.

Our current redeployable placements can be found here.