CCTV Public Consultation

During February and March 2018, a consultation was held on the Council’s public space CCTV.

The consultation covered two areas:

  • An online survey for residents and local businesses to share their views and provide feedback.
  • Capturing the views of partners - Police Scotland, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, and key internal services such as Community Safety and Trading Standards and Environmental Health.

The consultation was undertaken in order to comply with General Data Protection Regulations and also to inform future corporate strategy and delivery of public space CCTV.

There were 710 completed surveys, with over 1300 comments.

The survey was actively promoted to young people (12-15) who are under general surveillance just as much as any other age group but whose views are often difficult to capture, a significant 12.5% of responses were from 12-15 years olds.

The comments we received reflected a range of views and thoughts on public space CCTV, from those with a desire to have CCTV on every street corner and for it to be used more pro-actively, to those who considered CCTV disproportionate and not value for money.

However, results show that the vast majority view public space CCTV positively, and agree that it should be used to help address not only serious crime but also anti-social behaviour, litter dropping, dog fouling and traffic safety.

The full results from the survey can be found here, but the key themes, and associated actions, are as below –

You said We did
Public space CCTV helps reduce crime and increases public safety. Met with Police Scotland to develop a clearer communications strategy to highlight how/when public space CCTV assists with criminal investigations and active incidents.
Public space CCTV should be used to help reduce litter dropping, dog fouling, and traffic safety. Increased monitoring specifically targeting those who drop litter, fly-tip, and allow their dogs to foul.
Met with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to explore how public space CCTV can be more effectively used to reduce accidents and improve traffic flow.
That more data and information is required with regards to CCTV effectiveness, and that public space CCTV should be promoted more. Have begun to develop a clearer communication strategy that promotes the existence and benefits of public space CCTV (alongside a standard suite of CCTV data and information), especially with regards to targeting local issues such as anti-social behaviour.
Public space CCTV is not an infringement of your privacy Published a Privacy Impact Assessment and Code of Conduct in relation to public space CCTV, to provide ongoing re-assurance that the CCTV operation is delivered effectively, professionally and proportionately.
More cameras required The General Data Protection Regulations, combined with budget restrictions, will not result in a significant increase in public space CCTV provision. However it is clear (both from the survey and liaison with Police Scotland) that new and additional CCTV coverage is required on the Ayr, Prestwick and Troon beach fronts. On that basis, we plan to install 3 new permanent cameras in the next 2 years , commencing with Ayr in 2018.
CCTV cameras should be a mix of ‘fixed cameras’ (those positioned permanently on CCTV poles) and redeployable cameras. Currently traditional fixed cameras outnumber redeployable cameras by 7 to 1, so the Council’s longer-term investment strategy in new camera stock will focus more on redeployable cameras.
The Council has recently sought and received funding from the Scottish Enterprise ‘Can-Do Challenge Fund’ to develop more innovative self-powered and agile CCTV solutions.
Public space CCTV should be working, images should be of high quality, and record 24 hrs. 7 days per week. Invested over £85,000 to ‘future-proof’ the CCTV recording system, and upgraded several fibre circuits to enhance image quality.
We will continue to record images 24/7, and keep for 31 days before being deleted.
We are reviewing more effective ways to ensure key repairs are undertaken swiftly.
We have re-painted all CCTV poles.
We have upgraded and repositioned all public space CCTV signage.