CCTV Compliance

We have developed a CCTV Privacy Notice which details our collection of personal data, and importantly your rights with regards to CCTV related personal data.

There are 3 main channels of access to information the Council holds, and further information can be found here.

The Council has voluntarily adopted 12 over-arching principles laid out by the Surveillance Commissioner. The use of a surveillance camera system should always take into account the effect on individuals and their privacy, with regular reviews to ensure its use remains justified. The Council completed a self-assessment and determined requirements for a Privacy Impact Assessment detailing the rationale for our CCTV, and a Privacy Impact Assessment detailing its operation, These assessments will be reviewed annually, but also whenever significant changes to our CCTV operation occur (for example if we implement new cameras).

Our Emergency Response Team, who monitor the public space CCTV images, follow an operational Code of Conduct, which determines how, why and when they access our public space CCTV.

When relevant, we will share images with Police Scotland and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance. This is documented in our PIA and we have developed a data sharing agreement with Police Scotland, and are currently developing the agreement with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.