Day care for older people

Day care centres offer a range of activities to help older people continue living at home or with their family or carer.

Day care centres can:

  • help with everyday tasks and personal care
  • develop your skills and find out the things you can and can't manage
  • offer opportunities to be part of your community
  • allow you and your carer to get a break
  • give you a chance to meet people and make friends

An older person may only need day care for a short time, perhaps to regain confidence after a spell in hospital, or support may be required on a more regular basis.

South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership have two day care centres:

We can also arrange for you to attend a day centre run by an independent / third sector service provider located in South Ayrshire. The choice is yours to make.

How to apply

Access to day care follows an assessment by a Social Worker. Contact details for Social Work can be found here, our staff are always happy to help.

Day care is subject to our charging policy. The current cost per person is £10.00 per day (for a maximum of 2 days per week) inclusive of transport, personal care and meals.

To help you with paying your charges, we can check that you are getting all the state benefits you may be entitled to.

If you still have further questions or are having difficulties paying your charges, please speak to your allocated Social Worker/Community Care Assistant.