The Robert Burns Humanitarians

Burns Humanitarian Awards

Since its formation in 2002, the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award has recognised the dedication, celebrated the selflessness and paid tribute to the sacrifice of each recipient of the award – all exceptional people with incredible stories to tell.

The 2018 winner of Robert Burns Humanitarian Award is Anna Ferrer. Anna was born in Essex and has worked in India since the mid-1960s – was recognised for her decades of dedication and devotion to women's rights and tackling poverty in her adopted homeland.

Anna fights for equality to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and same chances in life.

Along with her husband, Vicente, Anna set up the Rural Development Trust (RDT) – with a particular focus on women's rights – in 1969. Focusing on the promotion, and provision, of education, health and homes, RDT now impacts the lives of 3.6 million people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Over almost 50 years, RDT has established four major hospitals, six rural clinics, two mobile clinics and other special-care centres that administer treatment for basic to advanced ailments and infectious diseases. It has also launched its own supplementary schools, built housing and accommodation, and created access to water – all of which has transformed lives.

Anna is the latest in a long line of worthy Robert Burns Humanitarian Award winners

  • 2017 - Marcelline Budza
  • 2016 - Dr David Nott
  • 2015 - Olivia Giles
  • 2014 - Blanche Nicolson
  • 2013 - Khalil Dale
  • 2012 - Karen Graham
  • 2011 - Linda Norgrove
  • 2010 - Habib Malik
  • 2009 - Guy Willoughby
  • 2008 - Jonathon Kaplan
  • 2007 - Abi Roche
  • 2006 - Marla Ruzicka
  • 2005 - Pius Ncube
  • 2004 - Clive Stafford Smith
  • 2003 - Yitzhak Frankenthal
  • 2002 - Sir John E Sulston

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