The Robert Burns Humanitarians

Burns Humanitarian Awards

Since its formation in 2002, the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award has recognised the dedication, celebrated the selflessness and paid tribute to the sacrifice of each recipient of the award – all exceptional people with incredible stories to tell.

The 2017 winner of Robert Burns Humanitarian Award is Marcelline Budza.

Marcelline founded the women's coffee producing association Rebuild Women's Hope (RWH) in 2013. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country considered the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman, she has helped many women regain their economic empowerment as coffee farmers.

Inspired by her mother's example of raising a young family on her own, Marcelline went to university before establishing RWH as a platform to combat the misconceptions about women, and help ensure other women could provide for their households, reach their potential and become economically active members of society.

The organisation works to create a spirit of entrepreneurship and self–management in women, in order to raise the standard of living in their communities and across their nation.

Marcelline and RWH have helped more than 1,000 women register as farmers and subsequently sell their coffee to Coffeelac SARL (the DRC's largest Arabica coffee export company) for international distribution through Falcon Coffees in the UK.

Marcelline is the latest in a long line of worthy Robert Burns Humanitarian Award winners

  • 2016 - Dr David Nott
  • 2015 - Olivia Giles
  • 2014 - Blanche Nicolson
  • 2013 - Khalil Dale
  • 2012 - Karen Graham
  • 2011 - Linda Norgrove
  • 2010 - Habib Malik
  • 2009 - Guy Willoughby
  • 2008 - Jonathon Kaplan
  • 2007 - Abi Roche
  • 2006 - Marla Ruzicka
  • 2005 - Pius Ncube
  • 2004 - Clive Stafford Smith
  • 2003 - Yitzhak Frankenthal
  • 2002 - Sir John E Sulston

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