Street names, numbers and nameplates

Report a street name, number or nameplate problem

The Building Standards service is responsible for naming streets and numbering properties in South Ayrshire.

Streets are named and buildings are allocated numbers when they are first built and then from time to time, to overcome practical difficulties or to accommodate new development, changes have to be made.

This exercise is necessary if properties are to be clearly and readily identified for purposes of delivery of mail, goods, services and possibly most importantly, so that emergency services can locate premises without delay.

The selection of a new street name is a matter which requires careful consideration. Every effort is made to ensure that the name is suitable for the area and will not conflict or duplicate with existing names within the same locality. Generally, it is the practice to use names with historical or local significance.

Normally, new street names are adopted after discussion with the local Councillor and the Community Council, however, anyone is welcome to submit names for future developments.

It is common practice to link street names to a particular theme and there are a number of examples throughout South Ayrshire.

Details of all naming and numbering schemes are circulated to a variety of bodies including the emergency services and those responsible for gas, water, electricity, drainage and postal services.

Owners and occupiers should ensure that the number allocated to a property is clearly marked in such a way so that it is in a prominent position and remains legible from the street. The number should always be retained even when owners and occupiers choose to give a name to their property. If a building does not have a street number Building Standards will consider allocating a number and there is no charge for this service.

Allied to street naming, Building Standards have the task of ensuring that street nameplates are provided and fixed in suitable positions.

Building Standards is also responsible for the ongoing repair and maintenance of street nameplates when this becomes necessary either because of accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear. New street nameplates may also be provided for existing streets where previously none were provided.