Objective advice

Any advice given will be objective and as helpful as possible without prejudice to the formal consideration of an Application by the Council. Information can be given about relevant requirements of the Building Regulations, Housing Grants Policy and the Council's general approach and practice on particular matters. Where possible advice will also be given about the particular and specific merits of a proposed application.

Building Standards legislation and other relevant documents can be made available together with information about Building Standards procedures. Advice can also be given in cases where other approvals or consents may be necessary and the steps which may need to be taken.

However, it is important for applicants to seek their own professional advice and a list of Architects and Engineers practising in South Ayrshire is available from the Building Standards office although inclusion on this list does not signify any preference and it should be used merely as a guide.

HSE Guidance

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website gives access to several documents providing advice and guidance for workers, managers and the general public involved with construction work, including: