Certain works can be carried out without Building Warrant approval. You can discuss your proposals with a member of staff for advice on whether they will require an application. We can also provide a written response if you complete and return our form "Do I need a Building Warrant for work to my home".

The information given is in respect of the Building Regulations only and it may be necessary to obtain other permissions before starting work, eg Planning Permission, Feu Superior Consent, Neighbour's Agreement, Scottish Water.

If it is necessary to alter the existing house when constructing a building which is exempt it may be necessary to apply for a Building Warrant for the alteration, eg when building a conservatory a Building Warrant may be needed to form the door opening from the house into the conservatory although the conservatory itself is exempt.

The erection of an exempt class of building should not result in the existing house failing, or failing to a greater degree, to meet the Building Regulations, eg ventilation and daylighting to rooms, sub-floor ventilation, proximity to flues, access and protection of drains, bridging of damp proof courses.