Civil ceremony - marriage

3. Legal requirements for all marriages

To be married in Scotland you must complete the Marriage Notice Form and Witness Information Form.

These should be completed, signed and sent to the office for the district in which your marriage is taking place approximately 8-12 weeks before your marriage date.

Along with your marriage notice forms you must submit the appropriate supporting documents required and correct fee. Our experienced registrars can advise on an individual’s statutory requirements, which can vary considerably depending on age, nationality, country of residence and any previous marriages. We will guide you through the legal preliminaries and will check and process all submitted documentation.

If you are subject to Immigration Control please read this information carefully.

You may also need:

How to submit forms

Marriage Notice Forms must be submitted by post, please telephone Ayr office shortly after you expect your forms to have arrived to make payment.

Marriage schedule

Your marriage schedule will be prepared from the information contained in your marriage notice forms. This schedule is the document which you will sign on the day of the marriage ceremony and for religious marriages, i.e. any non-civil marriage ceremonies, and can only be issued to the bride or groom in person and within 7 days of your marriage date.

The schedule must then be returned to this office within 3 days of your marriage to allow us to complete your marriage registration. Anyone can return the schedule for you. Following the completion of your marriage registration you will be sent an official marriage extract certificate.


Cheques should be made payable to 'South Ayrshire Council'. If you intend to pay by card please contact this office shortly after you expect your notice forms to have arrived. Marriage notice forms will not be processed without payment.