Register a Death

Who may give particulars to a registrar

All deaths occurring in Scotland must be registered by a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 8 days of their occurrence. The duty to provide the particulars for registration rest principally with a relative of the deceased, but if no such relative is available the duty may be performed by any person present at the death, or the deceased's executor or other legal representative, or the occupier of the premises where the death took place.

The council offers a service called 'Tell Us Once', which passes information securely and in confidence to various government departments and other Council services. This is to help ease the burden of having to deal with official paperwork and telephone calls after the loss of a loved one.

Place of registration

A death occurring in Scotland may be registered in any Scottish registration office.

All Registration Offices within South Ayrshire now operate an appointment system for all registration matters, please telephone your most convenient Registration Office to arrange an appointment.

Particulars required

The particulars required for registration purposes include the following:

  1. The full name, last occupation, and postal address of the deceased person, and their date and country of birth;
  2. If the deceased had been married or in a registered civil partnership, the full names and last occupations of all former spouses and any current, plus the date of birth of current spouse.
  3. Full names, all surnames and occupations of the deceased’s parents.
  4. The name and practice details of the deceased's own doctor.

Documents required

In addition, the following documents should be taken to the Registrar's office:

  • The medical certificate of cause of death (normally given by the deceased person's doctor, or by the hospital in which the death occurred);
  • The deceased's National Health Service medical card, if available;
  • The deceased's birth certificate, if available;
  • The deceased's marriage/civil partnership certificate(s) (if relevant).


There is no fee to register a death and you will be issued with an abbreviated death certificate, Form 14 for the undertaker and Form BD8 for the Department for Work and Pensions free of charge.

Any other death certificate's purchased at the time or within one month of registration cost £10.00 each. Please make cheques payable to 'South Ayrshire Council'.