Crematorium fees

Masonhill CrematoriumFee £VAT Rate
Children under 18 yearsNo Charge
Person of 18 years and over882.00Exempt
Other Services
Supply of Wood Casket83.00Exempt
Supply of Biodegradable Cardboard Casket (if purchased out-with a crematorium)18.00Exempt
Supply of Biodegradable Scattering Urn23.00Exempt
Supply of Clergy50.00Zero
Disposal of Ashes from other Crematoria
Non Attended26.00Exempt
Use of Ante Room per night or part day42.00Exempt

NB: Cremation Fee is now inclusive of an environmentally friendly container and a Cremation Certificate.

Cremated Remains will only be released in a container supplied by Masonhill Crematorium.

There will be no cremations arranged for Public Holidays.

Price list from 1 April 2019. All prices inclusive of V.A.T.