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The Introduction of Mixed Sex Civil Partnership in Scotland

Legislation which has been taken forward in the Scottish Parliament means that it will be possible to submit a notice of intention to enter a mixed sex civil partnership in Scotland from Tuesday 1 June 2021. A notice period of twenty-eight clear days is required, which means that the first mixed sex civil partnerships could take place from Wednesday 30 June 2021. Ahead of 1 June 2021, the Scottish Government and National Records of Scotland (NRS) will update their websites to reflect that mixed sex civil partnership will be available from that date. This will include general guidance about entering into a mixed sex civil partnership. However, the registration process will be very similar to that which currently applies to the registration of same sex civil partnerships.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are currently restrictions in place relating to the number of people who can attend and travel to marriage ceremonies and civil partnership registrations. Receptions after the ceremony or registration are also restricted. When mixed sex civil partnership becomes available, these will be subject to any COVID-19 restrictions in place at that time which also apply to marriages and same sex civil partnerships, and associated receptions.

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