Floral enhancement scheme

Join the scheme

To join the Floral Enhancement Scheme please make an application using the Floral Enhancement Scheme application form returning it to any of our cemetery offices.

What happens next?

You will receive a Certificate of Membership and will be notified once the trough has been installed. You will then be free to select your favourite plants to grow undisturbed in front of your family headstone.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service can be found in the Fees section.

What is the Floral Enhancement Scheme?

The Floral Enhancement Scheme gives families the opportunity to have a personalised permanent floral tribute in front of their headstone by means of a semi-submerged trough. Bulbs, heathers and other small rockery plants can be planted in the trough. The trough can be safely removed and replaced when the grave is re-opened with no damage done to the plants.

The troughs themselves are made of recycled plastic and are strong and tough. They have been tested with strimmers and grass cutting machinery against possible damage.

South Ayrshire Council is keen to encourage flowers in all our cemeteries and if there is a simple planting of bulbs or a small row of bedding, they will not be removed. However, families must be aware that when the lair is re-opened, these flowers will have to be removed to allow for the grave preparation and the Council will not accept responsibility for them thereafter.