Reusing involves the multiple use of a product, either for its original use or for an alternative.

If you can't prevent the waste in the first instance, how can it be reused? There are many schemes that reuse or refurbish goods like washing machines, furniture, plastic bags and wood.

  • Use paper that's already been used on one side
  • Give unwanted clothing or toys to charity
  • Refill cleaning product containers
  • Recharge batteries
  • Use dishwater to water plants in the garden
  • Use food or drinks containers for other storage. e.g. plant pots
  • Jars can be reused for storing jam and other foodstuffs
  • Use corks in the base of flower pots to retain moisture. Real cork can also be composted
  • Take plastic bags to the supermarket instead of getting new bags on each visit
  • The backs of envelopes can be used for shopping lists
  • Donate your old furniture, white goods and other household equipment to organisations that accept them
  • Reuse wrapping paper and buy recycled wrapping paper where possible

You can also donate reusable household items by calling the National Re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820. It's a free collection service and you'll be benefiting your local community and charitable organisations by supporting employment and volunteering opportunities.