Waste management in Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway

Each area waste plan aims to effectively manage waste locally, whilst contributing to the overall National Waste Strategy for Scotland. This in turn will contribute to the UK government's response to the requirements of the EU Waste Framework Directive and sustainable development. Although each area waste plan establishes an action plan there may be opportunities for collaboration across waste strategy area boundaries delivering more cost effective and practical solutions for you.

For more information visit www.sepa.org.uk or contact the freephone waste action line: 0800 389 5270.

The Area Waste Plan sets out the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) for your area. The BPEO is the most cost effective and efficient solution to reduce the amount of waste produced by Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway residents. Based on the Waste Hierarchy, the BPEO aims to reduce waste by using less material in the first place, then reusing and recycling as much as possible.

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