Buy compost

Householders' garden waste is collected from their Brown Bin, the waste is then taken to Barr Environmental Ltd, outside Cumnock. The waste goes through various treatments before it is turned into compost. The compost is then sold back to residents of South-Ayrshire for £2.00 per 70L sack.

How the scheme works

Compost can be bought from two of our Community Recycling Centres at:

Ayr Recycling Centre Old Farm Road, Heathfield

Sacks are purchased at the price of £2.00 per sack, the sack holds 70L and can be used again and again. Each time you fill the sack it will cost £2.00.

Please see the attendant on site for sacks and vouchers.

Troon Recycling Centre Port Ranald Drive, Troon

Sacks and Vouchers are purchased from Troon Customer Service Centre, Municipal Buildings, South Beach, Troon.

The sack and the voucher is then taken to the Recycling Centre, please present your voucher to the attendant before filling your sack.