Questions and answers

  1. Do any of my commercial rates payments cover the collection and disposal costs of my waste?
    No. Currently, commercial rates payable to the local authority do not include payment for trade waste collection and disposal.
  2. Is the Council the only provider of trade waste services?
    No. Historically, all commercial businesses received a waste collection service from a local authority and were charged for this as part of their commercial rates. However, businesses must now make their own arrangements for waste collection, i.e. utilise a Council or private contractor authorised to carry waste. You can confirm that Private Waste Contractors are registered waste carriers by telephoning the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on 01292 294000.
  3. What can I do if a waste receptacle cannot be stored on my premises due to space restrictions?
    Contact the Waste Management Section for further assistance. You should not store your waste container on a public road or footpath and should remove the container from the public road as soon as possible after emptying.
  4. What Recycling Services does the council offer?
    The council currently offers a cardboard and glass recycling service for commercial premises. We do hope however to be able to offer additional recycling services in the near future for paper, cans, plastics, green waste etc.

Further information on the disposal of trade waste can be obtained from the Waste Management Section, Burns House, Burns Statue Square, Ayr. Tel: 01292 616215.