Cardboard recycling

For our local business, efficient service with competitive rates. This service provides the answer to all medium or large customers who produce large amounts of cardboard.

Wire cage

Cardboard should be flat packed and placed into the cage, all cardboard must be free of contaminants. If you decide to use this service its imperative that no other waste bar cardboard is placed in the wirecage.

Specifications - 3 Sided, weighs 37 kilos fully loaded and hold 825 litres of cardboard.

South Ayrshire Council offer a full waste cardboard recycling service for your business as part of our Commercial Waste Services.

  • Save money and reduce waste to landfill!

For further information and to take advantage of this money saving scheme please contact our Commercial Waste Section on 01292 616603.

  • Reduce your waste
  • Reduce your costs
  • Protect the environment

Recycling cardboard saves you money!